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First Zeiss Optical CMM installed in North America at Petersen!

Petersen Precision Engineering is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new precision contact scanning and optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) increasing its inspection capabilities.

O-Inspect 322 unites Zeiss contact scanning and optical measuring in one machine. The VAST XXT probe enables precision probing with forces in the millinewton range while other systems offer only single-point measuring and thus relatively high forces.

O-INSPECT 12x telecentric Discovery zoom lens from Carl Zeiss microscopy compensates for deviations with an additional zoom range. Outstanding image quality is ensured by the lens and the adjustable illumination system (transmitted light as well as several reflected lights at different angles, each with blue and red light).

Manufactured by Carl Zeiss Metrology in Germany considered (one of) the best producers of CMM technology today, this is the first unit installed in North America.

This will increase our inspection capabilities and help us to meet and exceed customer expectations in the future.

For more information, check out the Zeiss website here.