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Precision Metal Parts in Production Volume

Specialty Processes

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Petersen Precision offers many specialty technologies for finishing (laser marking, ultrasonic cleaning, sandblasting) as well as specialty processes that may be difficult to locate (wire EDM, broaching, press fitting assemblies via hydraulic press).

In addition to the technologies listed, Petersen also can offer light duty manual assembly work to deliver a closer to finished article to the customer.  Please contact us with any questions regarding any special technology, whether listed here or not.

Specialty Tools:

  • 2 Mitsubishi FA10P Wire EDMs, 13.7″x9.8″x8.6″, 15˚ max. taper angle
  • 1 Crest Aqueous Cleaning System with Automatic Gantry
  • 2 Vapor Hone Sandblasting Units
  • 1 Greenerd HPB-15 15 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • 1 Epilog Fibermark 20 Watt Laser Engraver/Marker