Custom Abrasive Finishing and Deburring Processes & Services

Micro-precision abrasive micro blast deburring processes effectively provide finishing and deburring by forcibly propelling a stream of very small and/or abrasive material against a surface under high pressure. This allows the abrasive to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants, depending on your specific project needs. Based on the application requirements, different types of media (abrasive product and/or glass bead) are utilized to smooth or rough out the intended application. These abrasive products can be either coarse or fine and can be used with different types of propellants.

At Petersen Precision our fine blanking, wire EDM, and CNC turning processes can produce high precision, tight tolerance parts to match nearly any design requirements. However, after these processes have been finalized, the parts often require other processes for proper completion. Many times, our customers require a specific finish on their parts, or burrs created by the manufacturing process need to be removed. For our customers that require these processes, we offer a range of services for abrasive deburring and precision finishing of parts.

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Advantages of Micro-Blasting for Abrasive Finishing and Deburring

Certain industries require parts that are 100% accurate and completely free of debris. When manufacturing the components for these industries it is of vital importance that the fabricated parts live up to these expectations. The process of micro-abrasive blasting finishing and deburring parts produces manufactured components that possess a high-quality finish and are free of sharp burrs. The micro-precision abrasive sandblast deburring process provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced liability
  • Stellar, high-quality finish
  • Cost-effective
  • Improves product safety


What are the Precision Abrasive Deburring and Finishing Processes?

Depending on your specific needs, our abrasive finishing processes can be performed manually or automated and batched or processed one at a time depending on your project requirements. We can mask features or specific areas of your parts to protect them from abrasion and maintain the original surface finish with a focused process like microblasting.

Additionally, for most deburring projects, we use ceramic abrasive media, porcelain media, or stainless steel shot. However, a wide variety of deburring media are available, and we can modify our media “recipes” to meet your unique requirements.


Abrasive Finishing (MicroBlasting)

Abrasive finishing (also known as MicroBlasting) is most often used to abrade a surface or to roughen it for better adhesion of glue or epoxies. Petersen Precision utilizes multiple abrasive finishing machines and finishing media to achieve a wide variety of finishes. For most projects, we use sodium bicarbonate or aluminum oxide, but many other media are available, as needed. We will work with you to determine which finishing process and media will work best for your purposes, based on the material from which your parts are made and the finish you require.


Abrasive Deburring

Petersen Precision offers a variety of deburring processes to remove unwanted material from part edges and surfaces. The right deburring process for your parts will depend on their material of construction, their size, and how delicate their features are.

  • We use a magnetic belt-driven sand and brush machine with four stations (two brush and two belt) to remove burrs from fine blanked parts or to provide a specific surface finish on one or both faces of your parts
  • Standard tumble deburring, using all recipes of type and size of media in eccentric vibrating tubs, is ideal for processing larger parts and rounding edges
  • Barrel-spin deburring, using smaller media, is preferred for smaller or more delicate parts and can target harder to reach burrs with more energy than eccentric barrel deburring
  • Disk Finishing systems can be used with multiple media shapes and material to remove strong burrs on parts with surface finish requirements with increased throughput
  • CNC deburring or manual deburring is used for parts with unique geometries where other deburring methods would be ineffective or would damage small/delicate parts
  • Spin Deburring is also used for those parts most sensitive to foreign materials or with very small features that can utilize a peened surface finish to reduce burrs


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