High Precision Surface Grinding for Metal Parts

Surface grinding is most often used to add a surface finish to parts that require a high degree of flatness or parallelism, or those with very tight or specific angles. High precision metal surface grinding is generally performed within the middle to the end of the production process, providing the parts’ final surface finish.

At Petersen Precision, our precision surface grinding expertise enables us to maintain tolerances of ±0.0001” and provide surface finishes up to 8 RMS, depending on the material being ground. To ensure superior precision and repeatability throughout even the highest volume production runs, all fixtures and tooling used in our surface grinding processes are designed and fabricated in-house.

Contact us for more information regarding our high precision metal surface grinding capabilities or call us at 650-365-4373 and we will gladly discuss your project’s specific surface grinding needs. Petersen Precision is your trusted source for high precision CNC grinding services.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Surface Finishing with Petersen Precision?

High precision surface grinding provides significant beneficial advantages to your project’s part production needs. Precision CNC grinding produces very light cuts throughout the surface of the part, resulting in a smooth, uniform finish with high degrees of precision accuracy. Additional benefits of CNC surface grinding include:

  • Versatility
  • Accuracy
  • Large run capabilities
  • Identical manufacturing
  • Precision software

Precision Surface Grinding Industrial Applications

Petersen Precision has been manufacturing high quality metal parts for over 55 years. Our CNC machining capabilities allow us to create the high precision parts needed across various industries. We produce high-volume orders for highly specialized applications. Both Fortune 500 OEMs and emerging businesses require the surface grinding of their complex metal parts to be held to tight tolerances. See the multiple industries we serve:

High Precision Surface Grinding & Machining Experts

Petersen Precision utilizes a variety of grinding media and cutting wheel types, along with horizontal spindle grinding machines and CNC downfeed control, to provide the perfect surface finish for your parts. Our expert team knows what options work best for the material and surface finish requirements and will adjust the technology used to meet the needs of your unique project.

We offer multiple metal precision grinding services, including centerless and outer diameter (OD), creep feed form, and Blanchard grinding. Not sure which precision grinding process is best for your project? Request a free quote and our team of Design for Manufacturing experts will help you decide. Check out some photos of surface grinding products!

CNC Surface Finishing Materials We Work With

Petersen Precision works with numerous top-quality materials to provide you with the precision metal parts your application requires. Any metal or metal alloy material can be processed via surface grinding. The only limitations are related to surface finish requirements, as higher surface finishes require harder materials. Available materials for CNC surface finishing:

Flexibility for CNC Surface Grinding of High-Volume Orders

Most of our surface grinding machines are dedicated to customer part production, with the remainder used in tool and die making. However, we can transition some or all of our tool and die surface grinders to part production to scale our production capabilities as needed. This enables us to complete high-volume projects as quickly and efficiently as possible. This flexibility is an advantage for us and our customers.

Discover Our Value-Added Surface Finishing Services

Petersen Precision are experts at Blanchard grinding and other precision grinding processes. Petersen Precision has a finishing solution for high-quality parts that are ready to use or install upon delivery for your project. Contact us today to learn more about precision surface finishing for your specialized application, or request a free quote to begin working with our team of experts.