Scientific Instruments- Precision Metal Machining

Petersen Precision has the specialized manufacturing capabilities to create extremely-tight tolerance parts and components for scientific instruments. These instruments can be highly sensitive, and therefore require parts with incredibly precise dimensions to ensure proper operation. We have the skills, experience, and technology needed to produce even the most complex metal parts for scientific instruments with perfect precision and repeatability.

Unique Manufacturing Processes Provide Unparalleled Precision

Our highly specialized production techniques enable us to manufacture precision-engineered parts with unmatched dimensional accuracy. We use round lapping to hold tolerances within one light-band of helium (≈30 millionths of an inch) to produce quadrupole rods for gas chromatography systems, and CNC and EDM machining to reliably reproduce high-level features on mechanical components.

Other areas of expertise include fineblanking, lapping/honing, precision grinding, and other advanced processes, all of which help us manufacture two-dimensional and three-dimensional metal parts that match our customers’ exact specifications. We have extensive experience working with specialty metals and exotic alloys to meet unique material requirements. 

Manufacturing Capabilities for Parts for Scientific Instruments

No matter how simple or complex your parts may be, no matter how tight the tolerances required, our production capabilities are up to the task. From flat, thin metal parts to highly intricate designs, we will deliver the perfect parts for your application. Our manufacturing processes include:

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Petersen Precision has the skills, experience, and specialized manufacturing capabilities to produce high quality, extremely high precision parts for sensitive medical instruments. Request a quote or contact us to get started on your project.


CNC Machined part for Scientific Equipment