Design for Manufacturing (DFM) & Process Development

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services provide direct design feedback of your part’s features that can optimize the fabrication in volume. By combining the design and manufacturing feedback processes into a single service, we eliminate most of the trial and error that comes with direct manufacturing. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and process development save time and reduce manufacturing overall production costs.

Outside of our precision manufacturing capabilities, the biggest value proposition Petersen Precision offers our customers is our DFM and process development services. By utilizing our DFM capabilities and services, we can optimize customer part designs for better manufacturability, price, and quality.

Contact us for more information regarding our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and process development services or call us at 650-365-4373 and we will work directly with you to develop a product with DFM that meets your unique specifications. Petersen Precision is your trusted source for advanced Design for Manufacturing capabilities that enable successful product launches.

DFM & Process Development Services Provides Better Results

In our experience, we’ve found that the earlier we get involved in a customer’s design process, the easier it is to find the balance of quality and cost that they need. We achieve this balance by making the manufacturing processes required as efficient and precise as possible for your cost targets.

Because we offer a number of unique manufacturing processes, like the fineblanking manufacturing services and various kinds of high precision lapping / metal precision grinding manufacturing, it is better work with our customers in the earliest stages of part design. By providing direct DFM and process development services, we can design in (or out) the ideal methods and technologies to improve the quality and precision of finished parts and to streamline manufacturing as much as possible.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our DFM and process development service makes it as easy as possible for you to get the precision parts you need. Just show us where you need to go—the fit/form/function of your part—and we’ll get you there as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Petersen Precision’s experts can work from your CAD/CAM designs, or reverse engineer your existing parts through our inspection technologies. As needed, we can develop entirely new processes, including automation and support, to help us deliver parts that match your exact specifications.

Quick & Efficient Design for Manufacturing Services

To ensure that your precision parts meet your unique performance and application requirements, we will send 3D CAD models for you to inspect and edit as needed. We want to guarantee that your parts are done right the first time. We emphasize rapid responses to transition your designs into small run, medium run, or large production runs as quickly as possible.

Because timing is often critical, we can develop multiple manufacturing paths to help reduce your time to market. Depending on your needs, we can produce parts in the early stage quantities you need in low volumes via Processes A and B, and shift future production to more efficient and less-costly Processes X and Y to support full scale production quantities.

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Petersen Precision will help you take your project from the earliest design stage through full production. With our DFM and process development capabilities, we can deliver parts that meet your cost and quality requirements, and in quantities to meet demands. Learn more about the additional Value-Added Services we offer.

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