Creep Feed Form Grinding for Metal Parts

Creep feed grinding, also known as form grinding, is a highly specialized grinding process that forms parts by utilizing a porous, high precision wheel to cut workpieces at aggressive depths. Relative to other grinding processes, creep feed grinding cuts up to full depth, to create large cutouts, stepped features, fins, or other special features that run straight through the part in a 2D profile.

Petersen Precision is an ISO 9001-Certified creep feed form grinding facility that provides design, fabrication, and maintenance for your creep feed grinding manufacturing needs. Our on-site engineering staff assists production by offering advanced solutions and expertise on the creep form grinding process.

For more information on creep feed grinding processes or service options, Get in touch with our Sales Team or request a quote and we will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your specific requirements. Petersen Precision is your trusted creep feed form grinding service providers. Check out some creep feed products in our gallery!

What Are the Advantages of Creep Feed Grinding with Petersen Precision?

At Petersen Precision, our form grinding expertise enables us to maintain profile tolerances of ±0.0002” over long cutting areas, providing our customers with precise parts. We also utilize creep feed grinding to remove bulk material from early stage blanks where it can be more effective and efficient than machining those same features, providing significant cycle time and cost savings over purely machined components. Some of the benefits creep feed form grinding provides over conventional grinding and machining includes:

  • Increased consistency of profiles
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Increased complexity of 2D profiles
  • Finer tolerances
  • Capability with pre-hardened materials

What Materials Can Be Creep Form Ground?

To provide you with the creep form grinding services your project requires, Petersen Precision works with a variety of top quality materials that provide a host of beneficial qualities. We can creep feed grind the following materials:

Creep Feed Form Grinding… An Advanced High Precision Grinding & Processing Technology

In many ways, creep feed grinding is closer to milling or machining than it is to traditional grinding methods in its material removal. It uses a special, highly porous cutting wheel to create larger cuts or 2D forms in the workpiece. The wheel may have a standard or specialized cross-section, depending on the cutting/grinding requirements. 

Water Jet Assistance

Powerful water jets located just behind the cutting wheel spray coolant through the wheel and workpiece at roughly 100 gallons per minute to flush away chips and debris and cool the work zone. This results in better, more precise cuts that are completed in the first pass, and eliminates warping, distortion, thermal stresses, and heat affected zones in finished parts.

Cutting Wheel Reformation

To maintain high precision throughout the grinding process, the porous cutting wheel is continually reshaped to its original profile by an adjacent dressing roll. This roll re-forms the wheel by fracturing the grains and creating a very sharp cutting surface. CNC controls adjust the position of the wheel and the roll as the wheel wears away, keeping it properly aligned with the workpiece for perfect cutting/grinding accuracy through the profile cut.

The Form Grinding Experts

Our creep feed grinding technology allows for continuous operation for faster turnarounds. Finished parts can be unloaded and raw materials loaded in while the machine processes another batch of parts. We also use creep feed grinding as a more economic method of creating finish features and hog-outs that would otherwise be produced via CNC Machining or other expensive processes.

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