In-House Tool & Die Manufacturing

To guarantee the quality and precision of the tooling and dies used to produce your custom metal parts, Petersen Precision operates an in-house tool and die shop for our exclusive utilization. Our dedicated, seven-person tool and die team is comprised of long-term veterans and journeymen, with many decades of combined experience. A continuous, internal training program ensures the continued quality of our tooling and dies.

Custom Tool and Die Design for All Applications

Our experienced team produces tooling and dies for all our manufacturing processes, including fine blanking serviceshigh-precision CNC machiningprecision grinding services, and others. Working from your product’s CAD/CAM designs, our tool and die shop produces the implements we need to deliver parts that match your exact specifications.

Our in-house tool and die shop enables us to manufacture your parts with great precision and repeatability, no matter how simple or complex your part designs may be.

In-House Tooling & Dies Advantages

Having in-house tool and die capabilities grant us close-loop control throughout development. At Petersen, we’re the designer, manufacturer, and user, meaning that we’re heavily involved with design and creation and can pay closer attention to the details of the die through the life of the tool.

An additional advantage is that it’s also cheaper to keep tooling and dies in-house. The process is faster and nimbler than outsourcing, and our revision cycles are smoother. Our tool and die experts have many years of experience, can catch issues early, and offer lower-cost options early in the design and development process with immediate effect.

How Wire EDM Capabilities are Applicable to Tool & Die

Wire EDM is a critical component in tool and die fabrication. Punches and die plates are all machined using Wire EDM to the highest precision of anything we do at Petersen Precision. We guarantee fast turnaround when developing, trial testing, and implementing new tooling because our high-precision die and stamping are all in-house at Petersen.

Our team can anticipate any unexpected issues that come up relating to how the part fits with the tool or output of the tool itself. Having Peterson’s Wire EDM machining capabilities in-house allows us to troubleshoot and have quick reactions within the tool and die process.

Precision Tool & Die Maintenance

Petersen Precision’s tool and die experts also provide maintenance, as needed, to ensure that your tooling/dies continue to produce high-quality, high-precision parts. From minor repairs to major refurbishment, our experienced team keeps your tooling and dies in pristine condition for continued production.

When not in use, all tooling and dies are stored at our facility. They remain readily accessible, allowing us to start production on new orders ASAP.

Learn How Tool and Die Fits into Machining Your Precision Parts

In-house tool and die production helps us produce better quality parts, faster. All tooling and dies for your project are based on your specific parts designs and requirements and will be serviced for the life of your project at Petersen Precision. Request a quote, or contact Petersen Precision to learn more.

In-House Tool & Die ManufacturingIn-House Tool & Die Manufacturing