Aerospace Metal Parts Manufacturing Services

Machined parts for the aerospace industry must meet critical tolerances to ensure proper performance requirements are continuously met. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible for a standard machine shop to deliver aerospace precision metal parts on a consistent level. With our in-house tooling capabilities and over 40 years of aerospace and defense industry experience, Petersen Precision provides turnkey aerospace metal parts manufacturing for all levels of production.

At Petersen Precision, we utilize a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to deliver machined aerospace precision metal parts to aerospace and defense markets throughout the world, including two of the United States’ largest defense contractors. We have the experience and expertise to tackle projects in all stages of the product cycle, from early product development through full production and launch.

Contact us for more information regarding our defense and aerospace metal parts manufacturing capabilities, or call us at 650-365-4373 and we will gladly discuss your project and answer any questions that you may have. Petersen Precision is your trusted source for high precision aerospace metal parts manufacturing services.

Aerospace & Defense Metal Parts Manufactured to PPAP Standards

Many of the manufacturing projects we work on for the aerospace and defense industries involve complex metal parts for inertial sensing, communications, and other highly specialized applications. We maintain strong quality systems to ensure reliable manufacturing traceability and record-keeping and can meet all PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) standards for this demanding market segment.

Petersen Precision has the advantage of being wholly founded and owned by U.S. citizens and is ITAR registered with the Department of Defense. We work extensively with the following types of metals to meet your specific material requirements:

Aerospace Precision Metal Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

Our extensive capabilities enable us to manufacture simple and complex two-dimensional and three-dimensional metal parts that meet or exceed aerospace and defense OEMs’ requirements. Our manufacturing processes include:

Value Added Services for High Precision Aerospace Metal Parts

At Petersen Precision, we provide value-added secondary machining services for your aerospace metal parts needs. Our expert machinists can perform numerous types of value-added secondary machining services to create a finished part that is designed to your exact specifications. To provide the tolerances your project requires at the best possible value, Petersen Precision provides the following secondary services:

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Petersen Precision specializes in manufacturing high quality, high precision metal parts for defense and  aerospace. Learn about our run capabilities for fast turnaround time. Petersen Precision is your premier source for technologically advanced defense and aerospace metal parts manufacturing services.