Precision Metal Manufacturing Value-Added Services

Petersen Precision offers a range of value-added services to make parts produced via our precision metal manufacturing processes even better. Thanks to our comprehensive secondary services, we can provide parts that are complete-to-print (or as close as possible), saving you time and money on your project.

We maintain value add capabilities internally to ensure that our processes meet the high-quality standards our customers have come to expect. Keeping services in-house also reduces the complexity of your supply chain and eliminates headaches and oversights.

Design for Manufacturing & Process Development

Petersen Precision will work with you to optimize your part designs for higher quality, more efficient and more cost-effective precision metal manufacturing. We like to get involved early in the design stage to provide as much support as possible and can work from your CAD/CAM designs or reverse engineer your existing parts. This includes developing new processes as needed to deliver precision metal parts that match your design specifications.

Our unique precision metal manufacturing and process development capabilities enable us to deliver the complete solution for your cost, quality, and quantity requirements. Our DFM and process development service helps you get the parts you need at prices that fit your budget, without sacrificing performance.

Precision Metal Manufacturing for Small, Medium & Large Production Runs

Time to market is often a critical concern, and Petersen Precision can help. With our versatile and flexible precision metal manufacturing capabilities, we can provide the parts you need in the quantities you require, using the best technologies to meet your current demands.

Our design and process development services enable us to optimize your designs for fast turnarounds, all without sacrificing quality or performance. Whether your precision metal production run requires thousands of pieces or hundreds of thousands, we will deliver the top-quality parts you need, when you need them

In-House Tool & Die Manufacturing

You need a company that has the machinery and expertise to design, build and manufacture custom dies and tools for your project. Petersen Precision produces tools and dies for all our precision metal manufacturing processes including fixtures, molds, dies, cutting tools, and more. We work directly off your product’s CAD/CAM design to deliver parts that meet your exact specifications, whether the design is simple or complex.

With an in-house tool and die shop and an experienced, dedicated crew, we can produce precision dies and tooling for your part manufacturing project. In house tool and die, production helps us ensure the quality and precision of your parts and saves you time and money. Our team also provides maintenance and refurbishment to keep your tooling and dies in prime condition.

Precision Metal Manufacturing Services

These high precision processes can achieve the complex designs and tight tolerance required by precision parts for electronicsmedical device machining, and aerospace and defense manufacturing services.

Petersen Precision is your single-source solution for high-quality parts that are ready to use or install upon delivery. Discover our primary services to learn more.


Value Added ServicesValue Added Services