Machining Kovar, Invar & Inconel

Kovar is an nickel-iron-cobalt alloy that is known for its excellent thermal expansion characteristics. Invar is a nickel-iron alloy that exhibits superior dimensional stability across extreme temperatures. Inconel is a family of nickel-chromium “superalloys”, all of which provide outstanding oxidation/corrosion resistance in high heat and/or high pressure applications.

Fabrication of Kovar, Invar & Inconel

Petersen Precision has been working with these special high-nickel alloys for more than 30 years, providing precision fabricated parts for aerospace, electronics, and other industries that demand tight tolerances and superior quality.

These alloys all exhibit different mechanical characteristics, and require unique considerations for accurate fabrication. Many fabricators choose not to work with Kovar, Invar, or Inconel due to the challenges they present and the cost of these raw materials; however, the added difficulty and expense are not an issue for us. Thanks to our extensive experience with these alloys, we can produce precision parts that match even your most complex designs.

Multiple processes can be combined to create dimensionally perfect parts that match your exact design requirements. Our fabrication capabilities include:

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