Value Added Services for Small, Medium & Large Production Runs

It can be challenging to anticipate what quantities of a part you’ll need, as demand often exceeds expectations. Because time to market is critical, Petersen Precision can deliver your precision parts in small, medium, and large production runs in quantities from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands to meet your needs.

High Volume Precision Machining Services

Petersen Precision is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility that provides design, fabrication, and maintenance for high-volume fabrication machining and tooling projects. Our team's engineering expertise includes lean manufacturing, Six Sigma-based process analysis, DOEs, statistical process control, PPAP, and more to provide you with the value-added services you seek. Our high-volume machining services support the following precision capabilities:

High Volume Production Runs to Support Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Through our design for manufacture and process development services, we can optimize your designs for the fastest possible turnarounds. Our DFM service makes manufacturing your products as efficient and cost-effective as possible without sacrificing quality or performance. As described above, we can also establish multiple manufacturing paths for cost-effective responses to growing quantity demands.

In-House Tool & Die Production

Petersen Precision produces tooling and dies for all our manufacturing processes. Our in-house tool and die shop enables us to manufacture your parts with great precision and repeatability, no matter how simple or complex your part designs may be.

In-House Process Development for CAD & CAM Designs

Petersen Precision’s experts can work from your CAD/CAM designs or reverse engineer your existing parts through our inspection technologies. As needed, we can develop entirely new processes, including automation and support, to help us deliver parts that match your exact specifications.

Petersen Precision is Your Trusted Value-Added Services Provider for Production Runs of Any Size

Looking for a convenient and cost-effective value-added service provider for small, medium, or large production runs? Petersen Precision is your go-to source for value-added services for precision machining and in-house process development for your tool and die production needs. We can deliver the high-quality, high-precision parts you need at turnaround times that fit your schedule.

Whether you need 5,000 parts or half a million, we have the manufacturing capabilities to deliver your parts quickly for projects with critical time-to-market concerns. Request a quote or call 650-365-4373 to learn more about our precision machining production capabilities today.

Small / Medium / Large Production RunsSmall / Medium / Large Production Runs