Small / Medium / Large Production Runs

It can sometimes be difficult to anticipate what quantities of a part you’ll need, as demand can often exceed expectations. Because time to market is critical, Petersen Precision can deliver your precision parts in quantities from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands to meet your needs.

Flexible Manufacturing Capabilities for Fast Turnarounds

Our comprehensive and versatile production technologies enable us to produce identical precision parts through multiple different processes. If you need a few thousand parts right away, and 100,000 more in the near future, we can manufacture your first batch of parts via certain faster to marketprocesses, then transition production to more efficient high volume processes for your volume requirements. We will work with you to find the right balance of quality and price for the quantities you need, and leverage our manufacturing technologies accordingly.

Designed-In Rapid Response through DFM

Through our design for manufacture and process development service, we can optimize your designs for the fastest possible turnarounds. Our DFM service makes manufacturing your products as efficient and cost-effective as possible, without sacrificing quality or performance. We can also establish multiple manufacturing paths, as described above, for cost effective responses to growing quantity demands.

Contact Us for Precision Parts in the Quantities You Need

Petersen Precision can deliver the high quality, high precision parts you need in turnaround times that fit your schedule. Whether you need 5,000 parts or half a million, we have the manufacturing capabilities to deliver your parts quickly for projects with critical time-to-market concerns.

Small / Medium / Large Production RunsSmall / Medium / Large Production Runs