Blanchard Grinding for Metal Parts

Blanchard grinding is a quick and efficient way to remove excess material from part surfaces. This process provides high removal rates for fast results. Blanchard grinding does not produce a very fine finish (approximately 64 RMS max surface finish), but as it is generally performed early on in the part production process, surface finish is not usually of high importance.

Blanchard Grinding for Parts of All Shapes, Sizes & Materials

Also known as rotary surface grinding, Blanchard grinding is most commonly used to process large surface areas or larger parts. However, Petersen Precision can also effectively Blanchard grind smaller parts by grouping them together and processing multiple workpieces at once. This not only creates a uniform finish on all the parts in a batch for better part consistency, it also provides faster thoughput on high quantity projects.

We can Blanchard grind parts made from a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals:

We utilize two different Blanchard grinding machines to process parts of different sizes and thicknesses. For larger parts, we can hold tolerances of as low as ±0.003”; for smaller parts, we can hold tolerances up to ±0.001” or better.

The repetitive motion of Blanchard grinding creates a unique swirling pattern on part surfaces. Because of this, Blanchard grinding is sometimes used to provide a decorative finish for aesthetic purposes.

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Petersen Precision are experts at Blanchard grinding and other precision grinding processes. Petersen Precision has a finishing solution for high-quality parts that are ready to use or install upon delivery for your project.