Precision Metal Services in Redwood City, California

Headquartered within the heart of Silicon Valley in Redwood City, CA, Petersen Precision’s office and operations facilities are scattered across two buildings that incorporate roughly 50,000 square feet of space. If you’re in the market for precision grinding and lappingfine blanking, or CNC machining in Redwood City, Petersen Precision provides the capabilities and services you need.

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Multi-Technology Precision Machining Headquarters Located in Redwood City

With over 100 machining tools at our Redwood City, CA headquarters, we offer all the precision metal machining capabilities you need.

Fineblanking Services

At Petersen Precision, we utilize the fine blanking process to achieve excellent dimensional control with consistent repeatability. Fineblanking allows us to produce accurately finished components with remarkable flatness, including inner and outer forms that are cleanly sheared to the precise specifications of your project.

High-Precision CNC Machining Services

High precision custom CNC machining services provide state-of-the-art ultra-sharp, clean cuts that produce parts with exceptionally tight tolerances. Combined with our advanced in-house tooling services, high precision CNC machining suits both one-off jobs and low-to-high volume production.

CNC Turning Services

Petersen Precision specializes in high volume CNC turning. We can turn and process tens to hundreds of thousands of parts or more. We have nonstop manufacturing capabilities, including “lights out” production with our automated CNC technology, allowing 24/6 production.

Grinding Services

Whether your project requires centerless or on-center grinding, our industrial grinding services provide the desired results. Our OD grinders machine the external surface of a workpiece through an on-center process chucked to the part or a centerless process fed through the grinder.

Lapping Services

High precision lapping is an averaging process where the most significant material removal occurs where the high points of the part's surface contact the flat lap plate. The object is to produce parts with a uniformly smooth and flat surface.

Wire EDM Machining

Our custom electrical EDM wire cutting machines can hold tolerances of better than ±0.0001” in multipass cuts to create 2-D forms. We can produce parts from flat stock up to 5” thick or more, with the same high precision and tight tolerances regardless of material thickness.

Abrasive Deburring & Microblasting

The process of micro-abrasive blasting finishing and deburring parts produces manufactured components that possess a high-quality finish and are free of sharp burrs. Our abrasive finishing processes can be performed manually or automated and batched or processed one at a time, depending on your project requirements.

We can mask features or specific areas of your parts to protect them from abrasion and maintain the original surface finish with a focused process like microblasting.

Subcontracted Precision Metal Services in Redwood City, CA

At Petersen Precision, we provide the following subcontracted metal services to meet your application requirements:

  • Heat treating
  • Passivation
  • Plating

Industries Served in Redwood City, California

Petersen Precision’s Redwood City, California facility is proud to serve the application needs of the following industries:

Petersen Precision also offers comprehensive secondary services, including design and in-house tool & die for any size metal production run.

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We have approximately 140 employees working 2 shifts Monday through Saturday at this site. Business hours for guests and shipping/receiving are between 7am and 3:30pm on weekdays. Meetings by appointment only. Please confirm prior to arrival.

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