Double Disc Grinding

Double disc grinding is an effective means of grinding two-dimensional metal parts to uniform flatness and parallelism on both sides. In double disc grinding, the workpiece passes between two grinding wheels, contacting their flat sides rather than their faces. The twin grinding wheels remove material on both sides of the workpiece. The mechanics of these processes also create a randomized “arcing” pattern on the surface of the part, which is sometimes used for decorative purposes.

Petersen Precision has extensive double disc grinding capability with 7 machines in service utilizing wheel sizes of 22-30”.

The Double Disc Grinding Experts

Petersen Precision offers a variety of double disc grinding services, all utilizing automated horizontal spindle grinding technology to maintain superior precision, accuracy and throughput. With our precision double disc grinding capabilities, we can maintain thickness tolerances up to ±0.0002” and achieve surface finishes as low as 8 RMS.

  • Pass-through double disc grinding is most commonly used to meet final or pre-final thickness requirements for fine blanked parts and to provide a consistent surface finish and uniform parallelism on both sides. Fine blanks tend to have one sharp edge and one rolled edge, and double disc grinding is an effective way to remove these feature variations.
  • Paddle grinding and stroker grinding are used to achieve very high tolerances and precision surface finishes on all types of flat metal parts.

We use a variety of grinding media and cutting wheels to achieve the finish and tolerances your parts need. Based on the material your parts are made of and your requirements, our expert team will modify our double disc grinding processes for optimum results.

Discover Materials Used for Double Disc Grinding & More

Petersen Precision are the proven experts at double disc grinding and other precision grinding operations. Learn about the materials Petersen Precision specializes in for Creepfeed Grinding and other precision parts.