Precision Machined Components for Medical Industry

Thanks to our wide-ranging manufacturing capabilities, Petersen Precision has long been a provider of high precision metal parts for medical device manufacturers, serving some of the industry’s leading Fortune 500 OEMs. We have been working with customers in the medical market for more than 25 years, and have the skills and experience to serve clients from early-stage product development through full production and launch.

Petersen Precision excels at working with our partners beginning in early stages of development to optimize the use of our unique technologies within their designs.  This collaborative process assists in the design for manufacturability (DFM), maintaining low part cost while increasing the precision and repeatability of the processes used in manufacturing.  We can also develop unique fabrication and assembly processes that are either in part or wholly automated by our in house team that can deliver great benefits in cost and quality assurance to our customers.

What Are the APQP Standards for Medical Device Part Manufacturing?

We have strong quality systems in place to ensure reliable part traceability and maintain the stringent record-keeping requirements of the medical device industry. We are capable of fulfilling all APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) standards and process qualification requirements to get your product to market on time.

Our expertise in CNC machining, fineblanking, lapping and honing, and other production processes enable us to consistently meet the tight tolerances our customers’ part designs specify. Proven manufacturing technology and decades of experience help us ensure precision repeatability from the first piece to the last. Check out some of these pieces in our gallery!

What are the Capabilities of Manufacturing for Medical Device Parts?

With our precision manufacturing capabilities, we can easily produce the two-dimensional and three-dimensional metal parts that medical device OEMs need, no matter how simple or complex the designs may be. Our production processes include:

Discover Petersen Precision Metal Parts for Medical Devices

Petersen Precision specializes in manufacturing high quality, high precision metal parts for medical device OEMs. Learn about our large run capabilities and fast turnaround time.



Precision Machined Components for Medical Industry