Metal Precision Grinding Services

When it comes to precision part grinding and surfacing, Petersen Precision are the proven experts. We use advanced technology, specialized grinding media, wheels and a variety of grinding techniques to achieve the tolerances and surface finish your metal parts require.

Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard grinding is used for rough finishing of large or small parts to prepare them for other machining or subsequent processing operations. It is a fast, effective way to remove excess material from part surfaces.

Surface Grinding

Petersen Precision specializes in surface grinding. We can achieve surface finishes up to 8 RMS and maintain tight tolerances of ±0.0001” on parts that require a high degree of flatness or parallelism or those with unique geometries.

Centerless Grinding & O.D. Grinding

These grinding techniques are ideal for grinding round or cylindrical parts to achieve a uniform finish along the length of the workpiece. Though the processes are very similar, each offers its own benefits for different round grinding applications. We perform both through-feed and plunge centerless grinding.

Creep Feed Grinding

Closer to machining or milling than grinding, this specialized process is used to produce large cutouts, stepped features, fins, 2D forms, and other special features along the full length of a metal part. Highly specialized technology provides complex, high precision cutting/grinding with limited distortion.

Double Disc Grinding 

Double disc grinding is perhaps the best way to achieve uniform flatness, parallelism, and surface finish across both sides of a two-dimensional metal part. We use a variety of double disc grinding techniques to achieve tight tolerances and high surface finishes.

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