Precision Metal Grinding Services

Precision surface grinding includes several processes designed to achieve precise dimensions by removing small material from a metal part surface. These processes include double-disc grinding, creepfeed grinding, surface grinding, Blanchard grinding, and several others.

At Petersen Precision, we use advanced technology, specialized grinding media, wheels, and various grinding techniques to achieve the tolerances and surface finish your metal parts require. We do not shortcut any of our precision grinding processes. Contact us for more information regarding our metal grinding capabilities and material options.

Precision Metal Grinding Capabilities

Whether your project requires multi-axis geometries on complex metals or unique surface finishes, Petersen Precision can provide precision grinding services on complex profiles, forms, multiple tapers, narrow slots, angles, and pointed metal parts. Our precision surface grinding capabilities include the following:

  • Centerless and OD metal grinding finished within ±0.000050
  • Surface grinding finishes as low as 8 RMS with tolerances within ±0.0001
  • Double disc grinding tolerances up to ±0.0002
  • Creep feed grinding within ±0.0002” over extended cutting areas
  • Blanchard grinding tolerances as low as ±0.003” for large parts and ±0.001 for small parts

Precision Cylindrical /  Outside Diameter Metal Grinding Services

Whether your project requires centerless or on center grinding, our industrial grinders provide the desired results. Our OD grinders machine the external surface of a workpiece through an on center process chucked to the part, or through a centerless process fed through the grinder.  Performed together, we can provide OD grinding services for your products while maintaining precision tolerances.

Precision Metal Grinding Service Options

At Petersen Precision, we offer several metal grinding service options to meet your project needs, including:

Precision Metal Grinding Industries Served

Petersen Precision uses specialized surface grinding equipment to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional metal parts for the world’s most demanding industries. Our precision grinding capabilities serve the following industries:

Why Choose Petersen Precision for Your Precision Metal Grinding Needs?

Petersen Precision is a high-volume manufacturer of precision metal parts. When you choose Petersen for your regular metal parts orders, you experience quick turnaround and product development as our technologies are all in-house. At Petersen, we provide the following service advantages:

  • Utilize advanced technology, specialized grinding media, wheels, and various grinding techniques to achieve the tolerances and surface finish your metal parts require.
  • Meet all types of challenging design needs.
  • Multiple grinding processes are available.
  • Produce complex parts with very tight tolerances.
  • ISO9001 & AS9100 certified.

Discover Our Finishing Solutions for a Variety of Precision Metals

Precision grinding services are based on material type and project requirements. Petersen Precision offers various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including stainless steelaluminum, bronze, tool steels, copper, titanium, and exotic alloys. Contact us to learn more, or request a custom quote today!