Metal Precision Grinding Services

Precision grinding includes several different processes used to achieve more precise dimensions by removing small thicknesses of material from a metal part surface. These processes include double-disc grinding, creep grinding, surface grinding, Blanchard grinding, and several others.

When it comes to metal precision grinding services, Petersen Precision are the proven experts. We use advanced technology, specialized grinding media, wheels and a variety of grinding techniques to achieve the tolerances and surface finish your metal parts require. 

Blanchard Metal Grinding Services

Blanchard grinding is used for rough finishing of large or small parts to prepare them for other machining or subsequent processing operations. It is a fast, effective way to remove excess material from part surfaces.

We utilize two different machines to process parts of various sizes and thicknesses and can hold tolerances as low as ±0.003” for large parts and ±0.001” for small parts. Blanchard metal grinding services are available for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, tool steels, copper, titanium, and more.

Creep Feed Grinding Services

Closer to machining or milling than grinding, this specialized process is used to Creep Feed Grinding produce large cutouts, stepped features, fins, 2D forms, and other special features along the full length of a metal part. Highly specialized technology provides complex, high precision cutting/grinding and eliminates issues in finished parts such as thermal stress, warping, distortion, and heat affected zones.

Our expertise enables us to maintain tolerance of ±0.0002” over long cutting areas, giving you near-net parts that require less additional machining and processing. Our creep feed precision grinding services are more economic than CNC machining and our technology allows for fast turnaround.

Precision Surface Grinding Services

Petersen Precision specializes in surface grinding for production runs of various sizes. We utilize various types of grinding media, cutting wheels, and machinery to achieve the right surface finish for your precision metal parts. All fixtures and tooling used for our precision grinding services are designed and fabricated in-house to ensure superior precision and repeatability.

We can achieve surface finishes up to 8 RMS and maintain tight tolerances of ±0.0001” on parts that require a high degree of flatness or parallelism or those with unique geometries. Petersen Precision is also capable of handling high-volume orders in a quick and efficient manner.

Centerless Grinding & O.D. Metal Grinding Services

Centerless and O.D. metal grinding services are ideal for grinding round or cylindrical parts OD Grindingto achieve a uniform finish along the length of the workpiece. Depending on the process and material being worked, outside diameters can be finished to within ±0.000050”. Though the centerless and O.D. grinding processes are very similar, each offers its own benefits for different round grinding applications.

Centerless grinding involves securing the workpiece between two rotary grinding wheels and applying the appropriate amount of pressure to achieve the desired finish. It produces a very round outside diameter with an excellent surface finish and can be applied to workpieces of .050 to 2.0” in diameter and lengths of up to 12 ft. We offer both through-feed and plunge centerless grinding.

O.D. metal grinding involves holding a workpiece either on its center, or on a center feature, and maneuvering the grinding wheel to make contact with the outer surface. This process can also be used for plunge grinding and with specialty grinding wheels to contact multiple points on the work wheel simultaneously.

Double Disc Grinding Services

Double disc grinding is perhaps the best way to achieve uniform flatness, parallelism, and surface finish across both sides of a two-dimensional metal part. We use a variety of double disc grinding techniques to achieve tight tolerances and high surface finishes, including pass-through double disc grinding, paddle grinding, and stroker grinding. Double Disk Grinding

Our metal precision grinding services use automated horizontal spindle grinding technology that provides superior precision and accuracy, allowing us to maintain tight tolerances up to ±0.0002” and achieve surface finished as low as 8 RMS.

Discover Our Finishing Solutions for a Variety of Metals

Precision grinding services are based on material type and project requirements. Petersen Precision offers a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, tool steels, copper, titanium, and exotic alloys.