Tungsten Machining

Tungsten is famous for its exceptional hardness and its extremely high melting point. Its unique chemical and mechanical properties make it ideal for a variety of specialized applications. It is commonly used in medical focused radiation equipment for wave form guidance (directing radiation to a very specific location and blocking Precision Electronics Componentleakage). Tungsten is also used to make precision electronics components and as a substitute for gold in jewelry.  Petersen also processes many grades of powdered metals that are not Tungsten related using similar processes and technologies.

Tungsten/CPM Fabrication

Because tungsten’s outstanding hardness makes it difficult to work with, many fabricators can’t provide tungsten and other powdered metal parts. Petersen Precision has the capabilities to provide precision ground tungsten/CPM parts to match your most demanding application and performance requirements. We can reproduce the fine features your designs demand, with tolerances in the micron range. We fabricate precision tungsten/CPM parts for medical devices, wire bond cutters, and other challenging applications.

We work with a wide variety of powdered metal materials (CPM and more). Contact us to discuss your project’s material requirements.

Multiple processes can be combined to create dimensionally perfect parts that match your design specifications. Our tungsten fabrication capabilities include:Tungsten medical device

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Comprehensive grinding and fabrication capabilities make Petersen Precision your #1 source for high precision tungsten parts and components. Request a quote today on the tungsten parts you need. Contact us to discuss your project or for more information.