Machining Exotic Metals & Exotic Alloys

Exotic metals like molybdenum and Elgiloy offer unique, beneficial properties that more common materials like aluminum and stainless steel can’t provide. Thanks to modern metallurgy, there is an endless variety of exotic Exotic Metalalloys available that can combine characteristics of one or more metals into a single, high-performance material. With the right metal, nearly anything is possible. All you need is a fabricator with the capabilities to work with the exotic materials your application requires.

Exotic Metal & Alloy Fabrication Services

From stamping and fine blanking to CNC machining to precision grinding, lapping, and more, Petersen Precision has the skills and experience to fabricate high precision parts that match your exact designs, using the exotic materials that are best suited to your unique needs. We will help you find the right material, alloy, or grade for your application.

We work with exotic metals like molybdenum and Elgiloy, as well as a wide range of alloys from brass to Hastelloy and beyond. While materials like platinum and Hastelloy may be too precious for use as a base material, we can apply them as a plating over other metals, giving you an effective and cost-efficient solution for your project.

Our metal and alloy fabrication capabilities include:

Through partnerships with outside vendors, we can also provide anodizing, powder coating, and other similar processes.

We produce high precision metal and alloy parts for aerospace, medical, electronics, and other demanding markets. We have the capabilities to deliver parts that meet the organizational or industry standards you require.

Contact Us for High Precision Metal & Alloy Parts

With a comprehensive range of fabrication processes at our disposal, Petersen Precision is the only provider you need for precision metal or alloy parts, no matter how complex your designs. Request a quote on parts and components for your application. Contact us to learn more or to discuss your project.