Tool Steel Machining Services

Tool steels are a family of carbon and alloy steels that exhibit high hardness, abrasion resistance, and deformation resistance. These quality, along with the materials’ ability to hold a cutting edge at elevated temperatures, make them ideal for use in tooling used to shape other materials, as well as other physically demanding applications.Tool Steel

There are multiple “groups” of tool steels, including water-hardening, cold-work, shock-resisting, high-speed, hot-working, and special purpose tool steels. Each group offers different mechanical and physical characteristics that make them well-suited to different applications. Water-hardening tool steels, for example, are used to produce machine parts and shear blades; our manufacturing process tooling and dies are primarily fabricated from tool steel.

Tool Steel Fabrication

Petersen Precision offers precision grinding and other tool steel fabrication capabilities to produce precision parts and components that match our customers’ design specifications. We also make our in-house tooling from these materials, as their mechanical properties help maintain precision and accuracy in fineblanking and other processes. Most hardened tool steels we work with are in the 50-60 Rockwell C hardness range.

Multiple processes can be combined to create dimensionally perfect parts that match your design specifications. Our fabrication capabilities include:Tool Steel Fineblanking

Through partnerships with outside vendors, we can also provide powder coating and other similar processes for tool steel parts.

We fabricate tool steel parts and components for all industries and applications. We have the skills and the experience to produce parts that meet strict industrial standards.

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