Tool Steel Machining Services

Tool steels are a family of carbon and alloy steels that exhibit high hardness, abrasion resistance, deformation resistance, and the ability to hold a cutting edge at elevated temperatures. Tool steels are ideal for tooling to shape other materials and for applications requiring high physical demand.

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Tool Steel

Tool Steel Types

There are multiple “groups” of tool steels, including water-hardening, cold-work, shock-resisting, high-speed, hot-working, and special-purpose tool steels. Each group offers different mechanical and physical characteristics that make them well-suited to various applications. Petersen Precision provides machining services for the following tool steel types:

  • Water-Hardening Tool Steels
  • Cold-Working Tool Steels
  • Shock-Resisting Tool Steels
  • High-Speed Tool Steels
  • Hot-Working Tool Steels

Water-Hardening Tool Steels

Water-hardening tool steels are low-cost, high-carbon steels that require quenching. These types of tool steels display high hardness characteristics and are used to produce machine parts and shear blades. Small amounts of other elements, like manganese, molybdenum, and silicone, can be added to the steel for increased functionality. This group of tool steels is less expensive than the others, making it a popular choice for many basic applications. Water-hardening tool steels are used to manufacture the following items:

  • Cutters and knives
  • Cutlery
  • Embossing
  • Drills
  • Razor blades
  • Lathe tools

Cold-Working Tool Steels

Cold-working tool steels offer average hardness, high wear resistance, and high hardenability. They are divided into three categories: air-hardening (A-grade), oil-hardening (O-grade), and high-carbon chromium (D-grade) tool steels. Cold working tool steel examples include:

  • Cams
  • Bending dies
  • Blanking dies
  • Coining dies
  • Embossing dies
  • Burnishing tools
  • Cutters
  • Bushings

Shock-Resisting Tool Steels

Shock-resisting tool steels feature high toughness values, allowing for shock resistance at low and high temperatures. S-grade metals are characterized by their high-impact toughness with limited abrasion resistance. Typical S-grade tool steel applications include:

  • Boiler shop tools
  • Chisels
  • Collets
  • Shearing blades
  • Chipper knives
  • Hot forming dies
  • Pneumatic tools

High-Speed Tool Steels

High-speed tool steels (HSS) can be cut at higher speeds and feed rates than standard high-carbon steel. HSS-grade steels can also endure high temperatures without losing their hardness. High-speed steels also typically exhibit high levels of hardness and abrasion resistance. HSS applications include:

  • Cutting tools
  • Drill bits
  • Power saw blades
  • Milling cutters
  • Gear cutters

Hot-Working Tool Steels

Hot-working tools steels are manufactured with higher amounts of alloying materials and less carbon, making them harder and stronger than standard steels. H-grade tool steels are ideal for applications where the steel will be exposed to high temperatures for extended intervals. Hot-working tool steel examples include:

  • Cold heading die casings
  • Casings
  • Hot forgings
  • Plastic injection molds
  • Hot working punches 

Tool Steel Fabrication

Tool Steel Fineblanking

Petersen Precision offers precision grinding and other tool steel fabrication capabilities to produce precision parts and components that match our customers’ design specifications. We also make our in-house tooling from these materials, as their mechanical properties help maintain precision and accuracy in fineblanking and other processes. Most hardened tool steels we work with are in the 50-60 Rockwell C hardness range.

Multiple processes can be combined to create dimensionally perfect parts that match your design specifications. Our fabrication capabilities include:

We can also provide powder coating and similar processes for tool steel parts through partnerships with outside vendors.

We fabricate tool steel parts and components for all industries and applications. We have the skills and the experience to produce parts that meet strict industrial standards.

Why Choose Petersen Precision for Your Tool Steel Fabrication Needs?

Petersen Precision is a high-volume manufacturer of precision metal parts. When you choose Petersen for your regular metal parts orders and tool steel machining service needs, you receive complete in-house service technologies and quick turnaround times to keep your project moving forward. Some of the advantages of working with Petersen Precision for your tool steel fabrication service needs include:

  • Precision tolerances
  • Proven expertise
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Cost-effective services

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