Fine Blanking

Fineblanking, also known as fine edge blanking, is a metal part blanking process that uses specially designed dies to produce accurate and complex parts quickly and efficiently. Though the fine blanking process is similar to stamping, the resulting parts have flatness and edge characteristics that are more akin to those produced via machining.

Metal fine blanking produces several intricate features in a single operation, with edge and surface finishes comparable to machining and none of the severe roll-off and die break that conventional stamping operations produce. Fine blanked parts have higher accuracy and better feature-to-feature tolerances in their profiles, holes, and other details than conventionally-stamped parts.

Several industries utilize fine edge blanking for part production including medical, electronics, tools and hardware, and general industrial. The types of materials commonly used by these industries include aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and exotic alloys.

With more than 30 years' experience in fine blank stamping, Petersen Precision is a trusted industry expert. Request a quote on high precision blanking, or contact us to learn more.

Benefits of Fine Blanking vs. Stamping or Machining Processes

The fine blanking process produces die cut parts with flat edges by applying equal pressure to the top and bottom of a metal strip or coil. This method results in a part with smooth edges and close flatness and dimensional tolerances. The entire process involves a single stroke, where progressive stamping and machining typically require multiple strokes or passes to cut parts.

Fine blank stamping also requires less finishing than progressive stamping and machining and produces parts with minimal to no fracture zones.

If you need complex, small- to medium-sized metal parts in quantities of tens to hundreds of thousands or more, fine edge blanking is the fastest, most efficient, and most cost-effective production method available.

The Fine Blanking Process Produces Complex Metal Parts with High Efficiency

Perhaps the greatest benefit of fine edge blanking is that a single stroke of the press is all that is needed to produce a complete-to-print part or near-form blank. Fineblanking provides a variety of features including:

  • Small, intricately-shaped holes (i.e., not just circular holes)
  • Narrow slots and projections
  • Coining or thinning
  • Embossing
  • Shallow chamfers
  • Semi-pierces
  • Pockets
  • Counterbores and countersinks
  • Bends and offsets
  • and other complex features

Fine Blanking Requires Little to No Secondary Processing

Metal fine blanking eliminates the need for additional production processes such as reaming, broaching, edge grinding, countersinking, counter-boring, milling, flattening, and others. Though conventional stamping and machining may be less costly, the need for secondary finishing operations causes a loss in cost savings.

Fine blank stamping automatically removes burrs from the burr side of the part and roll from the roll side of the part, creating a more symmetrical overall look. Another benefit is that fineblanked parts typically require only minor disc grinding.

Fine Edge Blanking Holds Tolerances with Exceptional Accuracy & Precision

High precision blanking is an extremely accurate way to produce parts with tolerances equal to or better than high-precision stamping or machining operations. In general, Petersen Precision can hold feature-to-feature tolerances as low as 0.75 material thickness, depending on the material used. Certain materials allow for even tighter tolerances. Our fineblanking processes ensure perfect repeatability from the first piece to the last, even for production runs with quantities in the millions.

Metal Fine Blanking Services from Precision Metal Stamping Experts

Petersen Precision has the experience and the expertise to produce fine blanked parts that match your exact specifications. We operate out of an ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility and are uniquely equipped to take from the design stage through full production.

Design For Manufacturing DFM

We offer DFM services to help make your parts faster, easier, and less expensive to produce. Our engineers will work with you, as needed, to optimize your designs for better manufacturability, without altering the overall fit, form, or function of your parts.

In House Tool & Die Shop

All fine blank stamping dies are designed, built, and serviced in-house to ensure superior precision and quality for your finished parts. Dies are serviced and maintained for the life of your program, whether you need ten thousand parts a year or a million.

Fine Blanking Materials

Petersen Precision works with a wide variety of metals, in coil or strip form. We can produce your fineblanked parts from:

We stamp all materials in an annealed state; most materials can be hardened after stamping. Contact us to discuss your material requirements.

Your Trusted Source for Complex, High Precision Blanking

Petersen Precision is the industry leader in metal fine blanking and precision metal stamping. We deliver high quality, high precision fineblanked parts for all industries and applications. Request a quote today, or contact us to discuss your unique project.