Subcontracted Services

To complement our fine blanking, grinding, and other fabrication capabilities and give you the best, most complete parts possible, Petersen Precision provides heat treating, passivation, and plating services through trusted local and nationwide vendors. We work with these third-party sources to ensure the highest quality service and the fastest turnarounds for your project.Tools and Hardware

We have close, long-term relationships with all of our local subcontractors. Every single day, we send multiple loads of outgoing parts to, and receive multiple loads of incoming parts from, each of them. Our established relationships allow us to collaborate with our vendors to manage and balance workloads for maximum productivity, and to meet unique customer requirements that may fall outside of "normal" heat treating, passivation, or plating specifications.

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Heat Treating

Heat treating can enhance a metal's toughness, hardness, and other mechanical properties. Our list of vendors includes standard atmosphere and vacuum ovens in additional to NADCAP-certified partners that provide complete heat treating services for stainless steel and other metal parts. Based on your unique heat treating requirements, we will find the right vendor to get your job done right, right away.


An effective process for both stainless steel fabricated parts, passivation improves these metals' natural corrosion resistance. For optimum performance, our expert passivation providers can alter the process, as needed, based on the grade of the material and the final application of the parts being treated.


Plating-coating one metal surface with a different metal material—can improve a part's conductivity or corrosion resistance, boost its hardness, reduce friction, or provide numerous other benefits. Our trusted plating providers can provide everything from simple passivation to precious metal plating, with uniform, all-over coverage for even the most complex part shapes.

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Petersen Precision's turnkey fabrication capabilities and subcontracted services combine to give you the perfect metal parts and components for your application. Request a quote to get started, or contact us to discuss your project.