Wire Cut EDM Machining Services

Wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) is an accurate and effective method of producing custom parts and components from metal. The EDM wire cutting machining services process utilizes an electrical current discharge between two electrodes, which are the tool and the workpiece. When the custom electrical EDM wire cutting machine discharge passes between the tool and the workpiece, small amounts of material are cut away. It should also be noted that the wire EDM discharge machining & services process is only applicable to materials that are electrically conductive.EDM Machining

Petersen Precision has been using wire EDM technology for nearly three decades and is a leading EDM wire machining components manufacturer. We have the experience and expertise to deliver high precision parts that perfectly match our customers’ designs.

Precision EDM wire cutting machining services provide the ideal solution for flat metal parts that require tight tolerances. Contact us for more information, or request a quote for further pricing details today.

Providing Outstanding Wire EDM Discharge Machining & Services for Over 25 Years

At Petersen Precision we started using wire EDM technology in the early 1990s to make the tooling and dies for our other manufacturing processes. Several years later, we expanded our EDM department to include full production capabilities for customer projects.

Today, we utilize a fleet of state-of-the-art Mitsubishi wire EDM machines to produce tooling and dies and custom two-dimensional metal parts and components for our customers. We continuously upgrade our wire EDM technology to ensure that we have the most advanced capabilities available.

Most of our EDM systems are used for customer part production, with a small number dedicated to tool and die making. However, we can scale our production capabilities as needed, and transition some or all our tool and die EDM processes to part production to deliver high-volume part orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. This flexibility is advantageous for us and for our customers.

What Are Our Wire Material Options for Custom Electrical EDM Wire Cutting? 

With wire EDM, essentially any metal can be processed with equal precision and accuracy. However, most of our wire EDM machining work involves:

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Tight Tolerance EDM Wire Cutting Machining Services

Wire EDM is an extremely accurate machining process. It uses an electrically charged, razor-thin wire as the cutting tool, with CNC programming to guide the wire through a designated pattern.

Our custom electrical EDM wire cutting machines can hold tolerances of better than ±0.0001” in multipass cuts to create 2-D forms. We can produce parts from flat stock up to 5” thick or more, with the same high precision and tight tolerances regardless of material thickness. With full CNC control, even the most complex designs can be reproduced with excellent accuracy and repeatability. We work with your CAD or other digital design files to create parts that match your exact specifications.

“Lights out” wire EDM capabilities allow us to maintain 24/7 production, as needed, for faster turnaround. Careful planning and part nesting results in high yields with minimal scrap for lower material costs. 

What are the Applications for Custom Electrical EDM Wire Cutting?

Wire EDM-manufactured parts are regularly used for industrial applications throughout the world. Industries rely on EDM wire machining components manufacturers to produce the products they require to succeed. Some of the direct applications related to wire EDM services include:

What Advantages Do Custom Wire EDM Machining Parts Offer?

EDM wire cutting machining services provide numerous benefits that can be custom utilized to your exact project specifications. Some of the added benefits of EDM machining services include:

  • Cuts complex shapes.
  • Can cut extremely hard material to very close tolerances.
  • Manufactures very small workpieces where conventional cutting tools may damage the part.
  • Delicate sections and weak materials can be machined without distortion since no direct contact is made.
  • Provides a good surface finish.
  • Very fine holes can be achieved.
  • Capable of manufacturing tapered holes.
  • Can produce pipe or container internal contours and internal corners down to R .008".

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Petersen Precision has the experience, the expertise, and the advanced technology to deliver the tight tolerance flat metal parts your project requires. Request a quote on wire EDM service, or contact us for more information today.